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      Consultation for Stress Management

      Stress is a term that refers to the sum of the physical, mental and emotional strains or tensions on a person. Stress is the “Wear and tear” our mind and body experiences and we attempt to cope with our continually changing environment. Stress is also called as anxiety, tension etc., Feelings of stress in human result from interactions between persons and their environment that are Perceived as straining or exceeding their adaptive capacities and threatening their wellbeing. Stress occurs through emotions such as aggression, impatience, anger, anxiety and fear, all of which kindle the body’s stress, responses. Eating an unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking and taking drugs can also contribute further to physical strain, stress may be generated through work, at home, within relationships, as a result of internal emotional conflict, through environment, diet, ill-health and financial insecurity etc. Mental stress causes the number of psychosomatic disorders like hypertension, migraine and severer headache etc., Ayurveda is very effective for stress management and to encourage body and soul to achieve composure of the mind.

      Among others Sirodhara reduces anxiety, depression and mental stress and rejuvenates the central
      nervous system. Medicated water, herbal oils and medicated milk are poured on the forehead
      through a special method for 30 to 45 minutes.

      *Doctors are available for consultation with prior Appointments.

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